Color Guard Excited for Competition Season


Dylan Comer, Staff

If you are ever walking around the school late on a Monday or Wednesday, you may hear flags swiping around or people counting to a beat. This is the sound of the Twin Lakes Color Guard team. Senior member Hailey Stack said, “Team bonding games are one of my favorite parts of practices because we are such a close family. I love that we can work as a team.”

Kaylan Howard

Color guard is an activity including dance, flags, saber rifle and some tumbling. Freshman member Mercedes Tate stated, “My favorite thing is learning all the cool but difficult flag tosses.” Color Guard includes a fall and winter season. Junior member Britney Martinez told me, “Competitions are my favorite thing in color guard. Seeing the abilities and shows of other bands and guards are awesome.” During the fall color guard has a competition every Saturday. Hope to see you there!