Twin Lakes Theatre Presents

Twin Lakes High School Theatre is proud to announce its upcoming production of Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury will be presented on Friday, November 18, and Saturday, November 19, at 7:30 p.m. in the Twin Lakes H.S. auditorium. Tickets are now available in the TLHS counseling office during school hours. Reserved seating is $6 and tickets at the door are seating is $7. Contact the counseling office at 574-583-7108, option 4, for more information.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury by Fred Ballard is a courtroom comedy set in the 1930’s. This show was a fabulous hit on Broadway, starring many distinguished actors and actresses. The story takes place during a murder trial. Yvette Gordon (Tessa Kirchner)) is accused of killing her husband. She claims that they struggled for a gun, and it accidentally discharged. Her maid (Kaida Collard), however, testifies that it was no accident. The prosecutor (Griffin Hornung) and defense attorney (Clara Grennes) argue their cases before Judge Fish (Diego Diaz Romero). However, an eccentric juror, Mrs. Crane (Genevieve Stroetz), repeatedly interrupts the proceedings to question the witnesses. After much wrangling by counsel, the jury is dismissed to begin their deliberations. On the first ballot we discover that the jury is in complete agreement—that is, except for Mrs. Crane. She refuses to budge from her position, and the remainder of the play is a lively and entertaining demonstration of Mrs. Crane’s powers of persuasion!

The other members of the jury include the following: Jay J. Pressley, prominent businessman (Kaleb Kiester); Miss Pratt, a snooty spinster (Taylor Burns); Spencer Dazey, civic leader (Joseph Quillen); Mayme Mixter, a former show girl (Alex Edgell); Tony Theodophilus, candy store owner (Aiden Vrotny); Cynthia Tate, a young college student (Hallie Egolf); Alonzo Beal, a poet (Nolan Roeske); Mrs. Dixie Dace, a newlywed (Mayah McCarty); Steve Bromm, a mechanic (Caleb Weiss); Mrs. Bridget Maguire, an Irish cook (Shyanne Craig); and Andrew MacKaig, a Scottish gardener (Lars Spalsbury).

The rest of the cast is as follows: Marley Akers, Maddie Alexander (Suzanne), Sloan Alexander, Karen Aragon Martinez (Clerk), Jasmine Aragon, Reece Bartlett, Nyx Butler (Sketch Artist), Suri Clemons, Jay Connell, Addy Corn (Bailiff), Ethan Edens (Bailiff), Allison Geiger, Kristopher Kauffman, Brea Kiser, Jasper Kiser, Kaden Klein (Server), Ariani Labra, Layni Lawley (Court Stenographer), Luke Lipps (Press), Cale Maiden (Dr. Quincy James), Coral Marohl (Server), Abram Pronger (Server), Natalie Quintanilla, Violet Rider (Press).

The adult staff is as follows: Director – Susan Willbanks; Technical Director – Bob Willbank; Assistant and Crew Mom – Christy Buschman; Costumes – Holly Nolan and Mamie Roberts; Make-up, hair, production logo, programs, posters, and t-shirts – Leah Padlo; Tickets – Abbie Napier and Ellen Salomon; Refreshments – Chef Malika Gilbert.

The student staff is led by the following: Scotty Unger – Stage Manager; Student Director – Morgan Galyen; Sound – Max Nikulin, Logan Jacoby, and Angela Saunders; Lights – Sam True, Yahir Lopez, Elysia Metzger, Kelly Ramirez, Kenya Ramirez.

Other crew members include the following: Morgan Akers, Jaffrey Bulington, Keira Buschman, Nyx Butler, Brady Deniston, Diego Diaz Romero, Kaleb Kiester, Layni Lawley, Sam Smolek.

Make-up crew: Sinai Aguilar, Elizabeth Castillo, Shyanne Craig, Stephanie Davis, Mayah McCarty, Nikki Merida, Coreyn Nolan, Ruby Reyes, Emma Young.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury is produced in association with Concord Theatricals.