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Roadies is a Long Standing TL Tradition

Noah Johnston, Staff

November 13, 2019

Twin Lakes High School has a roadies club here. Ran by Mrs. Need, it has become very successful. Roadies has been around since the early 2000s and has grown every year. It was different back then. Back in the day, people just wo...


Colton Thorpe, Staff

October 14, 2019

There’s 2 outs. It's the top of the 7th the games tied with a runner on 3rd. A new pitcher warms up while I wait. I'm up to bat, and we need this run and to shut them down after. Here comes the pitch, and it’s a fastball chest...

Girls Soccer Ties with Peru

Girls Soccer Ties with Peru

September 26, 2019

Boys Soccer Beats Rossville

Jacob Milligan, Sports Staff

August 23, 2019

 Last Thursday the Boys Soccer Team defeated Rossville @ Rossville 3-0.   Anthony Ocampo scored first goal from great pass by Eduardo Puga. The second score was by Jose Castillo assisted by Luis Quintanilla. To further the det...

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