Twin Lakes to Offer a Variety of Clubs This Year


Reece McKenzie

Xavier Ortiz cleans up his welds during Welding I. Students use the grinder to smooth out their welds. Ms. Rosenbaum teaches Welding at Twin Lakes and is also the Welding Club Sponsor.

Twin Lakes has expanded their clubs again this year. Below are a list of the clubs offered this year.

Tuesday Meetings:

  • Student Council: Mrs. Allen Rm 264  (1st and 3rd Tuesday)
  • TL Interact: Mr. Fry Rm 216  (2nd and 4th Tuesday)

Thursday Meetings:

  • Art Club:  Mrs. Padlo, Rm. 114
  • Book Club: Mrs. Jones, Media Center
  • Bring Change 2 Mind:  Student Service Office
  • Yarn Craft Club:  Mrs. Agosto-Begley, Rm 270
  • FFA officers: Future Farmers of America:
  • French Club:  Mr. Schroeder, Rm. 214
  • French Club Officers:  Mr. Schroeder, Rm. 214
  • GSA: Gay/Straight Alliance: Mrs. Padlo Rm 114
  • Key Club:
  • Make a Wish Club:  Mrs. Jones, Media Center
  • Mrs. Sayler’s Group Games:  Mrs. Sayler outside the big gym by the music wing
  • TLI: Twin Lakes International: Mrs. Manahan and Ms. Rosenbaum Rm 210
  • Welding Club:  Ms. Rosenbaum, Rm. A-105
  • DnD Club:  Mrs. Hawthorne, Rm 238
  • Yearbook Editorial Board:  Mrs. Taylor, Rm 202

Friday Meetings:

  • Auditorium Crew:  Mr. Schroeder, Stage
  • Business Professionals of America (BPA):  Mrs. Rogers & Mrs. Taylor, Rm 206
  • Chess Club:  Mr. Tinich, Rm 253
  • FFA: Future Farmers of America:
  • Key Club Officers:
  • Kindness Club: Mrs. Osten, Rm. 244
  • Mrs. Jones Game Club: Mrs. Jones, Media Center
  • Prom Committee:  Ms. Napier, Mrs. Hayden, Rm 220
  • PULSE/Spanish Club:  Mrs. Manahan, Rm. 210
  • Robotics:  Mrs. Yoder Rm 244
  • SADD: Mrs. McClatchey Rm 277
  • Speech Club:  Mrs. Hawthorne, Rm 238
  • Tribal Council Leadership Team:  Mrs Sayler, Choir Rm
  • Writing Club:  Mrs. Hawthorne, Rm 238

After School/During Class Meetings:

  • Cyber Patriot:  Mr. McAtee, Rm. 208
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA):  Mr. Sayler
  • HOSA: Health Occupation Students of America: Mrs. Bernfield
  • Recycling:  Mrs. Dold/Job Coach