Meet Mrs. Yoder


Leah Padlo

Mrs. Yoder, English Teacher

Brayden Hughes

Where did you graduate from? High School and College

Crown Point High School

Do you sponsor any clubs or coach? 

Robotics Team

Anything you want to mention from high school?

I was on the swim team and was mediocre at best.


Pat Yoder, husband. Max Yoder, Son 19, PETS–evil, naughty dogs: Lily, Sydny, Bindi

Why you became a teacher?

The fat cash! Also, I wanted to make students feel inspired and safe. I wanted to help them find their spark and value themselves.

What do you like most about teaching?

Having fun with students as they learn and planning how to take over the world.

How long have you been teaching and how long at Twin Lakes?

23 years…12 years-ish at Twin Lakes

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Napping, Swimming, Reading, Gardening, spending time with may sisters…watching other people clean

List of hobbies if any?

Reading and Gardening

Favorite Teams?

Cubs, Fearsome Gears, TechnoKats, Twin Lakes

Favorite Treats?

Chocolate, medicine ball tea, butter and toast

Favorite Type of Music

Right now, 90’s rock and pop…Salt N Pepa

Any Fun Facts about you?

I can say my alphabet backwards in protest to my 5th grade teacher.