Richard Davis Makes All-State Choir for Indiana


Bailey Dulin

Richard Davis Wins All-State Choir

Bailey Dulin, Staff

Senior Richard Davis has a passion for choir and has recently auditioned for the Indiana All-State Choir. At the audition last Thursday Richard was competing against five other bass singers. Richard and two other bass singers made it into the All-State Choir. This is a great achievement and we wanted to get some more information from Richard himself.

When I asked for some information about what All-State choir is, Richard said, “Choirs are taken from all around the state from different areas. The area that we are in is called 3A”. In the All-State Choir there will be four rehearsals, one for almost every month except December. Richard says that they will sing and learn songs and then they will perform them at the IMEA Professional Development Conference. This conference is all the way in Fort Wayne and they will spend 2 days there.

Richard gave me some information about the section of choir that he was auditioning for. Richard says, “Five basses auditioned this year but only two are allowed in the All-State Choir.” Richard is grateful that he made it in to the all-state choir as he states, “I got in because of a three way tie. Because of this, they have to take everyone who tied even if it is over the limit.” A majority of the people who made it into the All-State Choir were from Logansport. All of the basses that made it in the choir are from Logansport as well, except for Richard. Richard has been told that it’s not terribly common for people from Twin Lakes to get in the All-State Choir. People will either audition and not make it, or they will make it and not have the time for it.

If you see Richard Davis in the hallways congratulate him for this awesome achievement!