400 Wins!!


Luke Geiger and Ryan Denton

A few days ago Coach Adams hit a major milestone. With his win against Fountain Central Highschool on the 12th, Mr. Adams bagged his 400th career win here at Twin Lakes. When asked how he felt about this incredible accomplishment he said ”Winning is always fun; so over 33 years as a head coach, we’ve been able to do that more often than not.” He added “I have been fortunate to have great assistant coaches over the years; including Jim Conrad and Maury Waymouth who have been with me the entire time! We also have had very good players who were more importantly outstanding young men, they have represented themselves, their families, the school and the community in an excellent manner.” 

Coach Adams has been the coach here at Twin Lakes for 25 years now and has had a lot of impact on the community and the team. When asked what the most important thing to him as a coach, he replied “I have been very blessed to be able to coach at a school like Twin Lakes and in a community like Monticello for 25 years. It has been a wonderful situation for my family” He went on to list his favorite thing about coaching he said, “Keeping in touch with past players and seeing what they have been able to accomplish in their lives: and the positive contributions they’ve made in the world!”

Coach Adams, who grew up in the area has always been a hard worker. We asked him what morals he chooses to instill in his players and he said, “Growing up in a small town in Indiana and learning the value of hard work, doing your best, honesty, love, dedication, and commitment to family. These things were instilled in me at a young age as I witnessed my parents and grandparents live out these things. I also had wonderful teachers and coaches in middle and high school who I wanted to emulate” 

Mr. Adams has reached an incredible milestone in his already illustrious coaching career. He continues to inspire many new players and students who watch him on the sidelines. Throughout his years here he has sent Twin Lakes to state and has clearly had a lot of winning seasons.