Mr. McAtee and his Massive Goal.


Tanner Robinette, Staff

Mr. McAtee decided in March of 2020 to run a massive one thousand miles by March 2021 or about 2.8 miles a day! He said” this decision was a crucial step in not dying from a stroke or heart attack.” going on to say, “it motivates me because I do not want to die.” He went on to say, “Exercise has helped me sleep, and feel better exercise truly is nature’s antidepressant” He sleeps better, he is healthier and health conditions he had started going away or even vanished completely! “Exercise is really nature’s antidepressant.”  

When asked how he started and where he is now Mr. McAtee responded, “I started walking most of it, then built up. I ran a block, and then a mile.” He went on to say “In March it took me an hour and forty-five minutes to run my 7 miles. Now I can do it in three minutes over an hour” When asked if his family was supportive, Mr. McAtee laughingly replied, “Yes, my wife used to run 3 miles with me, up until she needed a double knee replacement.” He laughed and continued “I have been able to run more and faster miles without her”

Three years ago, Mr. McAtee decided to start running. Today he enjoys running because of all the benefits. When asked what he would say to anyone interested in running or beginning to exercise more he said “one foot after another, you can do it, especially if I can” stating that “he is three times older than us”

Pictured: Mr. and Mrs. McAtee