Noah’s Car Adventures


Derek Overmyer, Staff

Noah Johnston is a car enthusiast. When asked what makes him love cars so much he said, “I like cars so much because I like learning new ways to make them faster and sound better, and I also love learning new things about motors.” Noah has had a Charger RT, a Cadillac STSV, a Pontiac GTO, a Nissan 350z, and a Cadillac CTSV. Noah’s love for cars came from his dad and him owning an automotive repair shop.

Noah loves cars but gets bored of them easily, causing him to sell them and get more. When I asked why he sells them just to buy another car he said, “I am always looking for something better and looking for good deals on cars that I have always wanted.” My response to that was, do you ever get bored of the hobby? Noah had a great response stating, “There is nothing to get bored about. There is always going to be something else that you want and I go out and get it.” Always be on the lookout for what Noah Johnston is pulling up in next in the parking lot.