Girls Basketball Season Affected by Covid

Jenna Swaim, Staff

Addison Ward with the Varsity girls basketball team talked about the upcoming season. We are very excited. Addison stated, ” I am looking forward to see how everyone plays during the season. I believe we will do great because we all work very well as a team”. The majority of the team is sophomores. This means they have been playing together for many years and now know each others strengths and weaknesses on the court.

When asked how has this year with Covid been different compared to other years Ward said, ” We now have to be very mindful. We do not wear our masks when playing during games and practices, but when we are not on the court masks are mandatory.” She also stated that there has been many games that have already gotten cancelled due to the virus in Twin Lakes and other schools.  Addison expresses that she would like to attend a smaller-sized college somewhere on the West Coast. She also stated that she would love to play basketball on the college level. Ward and her teammates are very excited to see how their season goes this year.