Twin Lakes Student Spotlight

Reece answers Olivia Crawn’s questions.


Olivia Crawn, Staff

Reece Bartlett


Reece Bartlett is a senior at Twin Lakes High school. Most know him as the kid who is always uplifting others and cheering on TL athletics. He is the hype man for most Twin Lakes activities held here. You could ask anyone. I, Olivia Crawn, wanted to get to know Reece a little better. I asked Reece, “what has been your favorite memory here at high school?” Reece said, “my favorite memory was playing unified football and cheering on my best bud Lewis Dellinger in the Twin Lakes football game!” There is no one louder than Reece in the roadies section. He told me how much he loves being a Twin Lakes Indian. Then I asked Reece, “who has been your best friend throughout high school?” He said, “Kris Kauffman is my best friend, but I have a lot of them. Lewis Dellinger, Regan Franscoviak, and Olivia Crawn too”. Reece’s favorite class is Team Sports with Mrs. Need. He said “my favorite is playing dodgeball on Friday’s because it is really fun”. Reece also made clear that the Teriyaki chicken with rice is his favorite school lunch.