Friday Night Lights is Back Tonight vs. Seeger


Attention students wishing to attend tonight’s Varsity Football game, we are now playing the Seeger Patriots; start time is 7:00 PM   **Senior Night intros will begin at 6:30 PM. Tickets will be distributed starting during the lunch periods (TLHS & RMS only). Each student may be given 1 ticket for free admission into the game  (TLHS & RMS only). This ticket is for you & may not be given to anyone who is not a TLHS/RMS student. Tickets are numbered & will be recorded when being handed out. You will be asked to sit in the “Roadies” or “RMS Student” section in the bleachers. For that section of bleachers, you are asked to sit or stand in every other row from the bottom to the top of that bleacher section & wear facial covering when social distancing is not maintained.

For everyone: Tailgating before or after the game will not be allowed. Also, a line-up tunnel before & after the game cannot be allowed. Facial coverings are required for entry; once seated they may be removed if social distancing can be maintained. All fans must be seated in the bleacher area or on their way to or from the concession stand or rest rooms; facial coverings are required when doing so. Adults & Students (Elementary to HS-aged) may not gather in groups before, during or after the game; especially in the plaza & grassy areas.

After the game, everyone should exit to the parking lot & vehicles in a timely manner; please do not remain in the bleachers or congregate near the school or locker rooms 

Remember these are not normal conditions & we are trying to do everything possible to make it happen so we can have events during this time.  Everyone’s cooperation is needed to make this work.  

  • Adults are doing this so the kids can play!
  • Students are doing this so the adults can come to the games!

Think of this as a test – if we do well in these areas tonight, we will continue to be able to move forward to allow fans to our home events. Let’s let our students who have worked hard for their opportunity to perform, play, and cheer know we stand behind them and will support them any way we can.