Meet a TL Alumni!!


Olivia Crawn, Staff

Meet Melany Shrock. This is another amazing graduate of Twin Lakes High School. She graduated TL in 2008. Shrock said “I definitely do not miss high school. There was too much drama. While being out of high school there are many responsibilities, with responsibilities, comes freedom.” Melany’s favorite high school memory was hiding all the English Lit books from Mrs. Thacker for a senior class prank. Shrock’s favorite subject was English along with her favorite teacher, Mrs. Wheeler. Melany said, “Mrs. Wheeler always made the class fun. She is different from all the other teachers.”

Melany participated in theater, FEA, academic super bowl, color guard, cheerleading, and show choir. Her favorite extracurricular activity was theater. Theater was an escape place for her. Now for the moment, you all have been waiting for. Her favorite school lunch was Twin Lake’s famous pepperoni pizza and chicken patty.