Parking Lot Painting

Class of 2021 can begin painting their assigned parking spaces on Monday, July 13th. Assigned spaces can be found on the Class of 2021 Canvas page.

Remember, your design must be approved by Mrs. Swaim before you can begin painting. Send your design sketch to [email protected] for approval. Inappropriate spots will be painted over in black with no refund. Students can save money by leaving the artwork from last year, making minor modifications to previous art, and/or sharing paint and materials with others. Students are responsible for all fees related to painting.

Students should use water based exterior latex paint only. No reflective, florescent or spray paint is allowed. Students should not use splatter techniques. All parking spots must have a 2-4″ unpainted border between the white parking space lines and you should keep your paint within your designated spot.

Plan on transporting dirty brushes and cleaning up your area before you leave. The school should not be used to clean out your brushes.

Students may paint from July 13th – August 2nd. Parking in designated spaces will not be allowed until Monday, August 10th. Barriers will be put up in the area to protect your space and allow time for it to dry completely.

We look forward to seeing all the unique ideas our incoming seniors create. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Swaim.