Last Season, New Season


Britney Martinez, Staff

Senior year is approaching, which means Color Guard is coming to an end. I can’t express enough how much this activity has changed me. I am very grateful for my team and coaches for helping me get to the end of each season with a good ending to them. These past 2 years have been an amazing experience. Going to different schools, making friends, and seeing other bands perform are memories being made. I am very excited for my last fall season. I can’t wait to work hard, become better, and finish off strong. I have to push through for the guard, band, my family, myself, and school. It won’t be an easy task but it is possible. Going to the competitions and hearing our school name being announced for a good placement is a feeling that I cannot explain. Practicing from April to October takes up a lof time, but it is so worth it towards the end of the season. We have made it to semi-state a lot of times but making it to state isn’t so easy. Practicing for so many hours with a big group can be difficult. There have been days where the band doesn’t do so good but the guard does. Or the guard does not do wll, but the band does. We all have to play our part or else we do not make it far. And I cannot wait to spend my last season with the people that I love. I can’t wait to see how far we get. It’s my last season of fall but a new season to make memories.