Boys & Girls Club Finding Creative Ways to Keep Staff & Kids Busy

Sadie Gritten, Staff

Everyone knows that many businesses are shut down due to Covid 19, making it near impossible for workers to keep working and making an income for their family. Dealing with this is not easy nor wanted. Especially for families struggling. What are they supposed to do? It’s not fair, but we can’t do anything about it. My friends have gotten ripped away from their jobs and that was the only thing that kept them sane during this time.

The Boys and Girls Club, ran by Dan Fry, came up with a great way to keep the kids and workers busy. These workers can make videos, as many as they want, doing activities for the kids to try themselves. Employees can do science experiments, obstacle courses, drawing videos, painting videos, outside chalk art, workouts, and anything else they can think of that will get the kids outside or at least staying active during quarantine. On top of this, all employees who participate in making these videos get paid. For every video made, that counts as an hour of pay. I love that Dan has set up something to keep being interactive with the kids because it shows how much he cares about these kids and his employees. He took the extra step to provide a way of making money for his, mostly high school student, staff. In the midst of all of this chaos happening so quickly, Dan is making sure the people involved with Boys and Girls Club are still staying creative with their minds and having fun. All of the videos made by the employees are on the Boys and Girls Facebook page!