Getting Stronger with CFT

Logan Creamer

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Jacob Milligan

Ryan Denton prepares to squat 135.

The weight lifting class CFT is taught by Mr. Creamer.  He has been teaching the CFT class for three years, but has been teaching weight lifting classes for about nine years.  CFT stands for Comprehensive Functional Training, this basically means that he trains students to get bigger and stronger without losing mobility and without getting super big and bulky.  He also works a lot on speed and explosiveness because both of these apply to every sport ever played. Also in his class for warm-ups we do things such as medicine ball throws, jump rope, and we play polish once a week.  The reason that he doesn’t have us stretch is because based on the research he has done he has found out that a more impact and movement based warm up has been proven to be more beneficial. In his class there is a lot of circuit training which means that when you work out you do multiple different workouts back to back.  The circuit training is very good for getting and staying in shape.

Jacob Milligan
Colton Thorpe completes a 185 on power clean.

Mr. Creamers’ class only happens second period on red and white days. He has his own form of testing that includes the 40 yard dash, broad jump, bench max, hex bar deadlift, clean max, and your force number. The force number is your deadlift divided by your body weight. This basically means the higher your deadlift and the lower your body weight the higher your force number is.  Gage Businger had this to say about CFT, “CFT is a great class that challenges multiple muscles in your body and it is a very fun class.” And Colby Smock had this to say, ”CFT is a very beneficial class for somebody that’s looking to get stronger in an efficient and safe way.”