The Rev of the Engine!

Brayden Houser

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Draya Hurst

Brayden Plunkett works on an engine in Automotive class.

Twin Lakes High School offers a variety of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Classes. CTE classes help students learn specific career skills for students wanting to enter a field, or just to get a better understanding of the skill itself. Twin Lakes Automotive Program is a perfect example of this. Many students in this class are looking to go and work in the automotive industry, the other half are there to learn skills which could save them money in the future on labor, where they could just fix it themselves with the knowledge they have gained from this class. Senior Keeven Rardon said, “It is by far the most useful class I have taken in high school.” Automotive is a two period class, where students learn about many different components of a vehicle. Some examples include brakes, transmissions, and other engine repairs, but students are also able to learn these same skills hands on out in the shop, under the supervision of instructor, Mr. Burden, of course.

Brayden Houser
Senior Keeven Rardon working on changing a head gasket.

The Automotive Technology classes are not held in just a classroom, but they are located in an actual working and functioning shop as well. Students are able to work on their own personal cars, as well as many students, teachers, and outside peoples’ cars in order to help provide students with the hands-on experience they need.

Brayden Houser
Two students in Twin Lakes automotive class working on putting a truck back together after replace an intake gasket.

This is very convenient for not only the students learning, but for the people whose cars are being repaired. There are no labor costs, and although the students are learning, with the supervision of the automotive teacher, all vehicles will be inspected before being returned. Twin Lakes Marketing teacher Mrs. Rogers said, “I am so happy that Twin Lakes has an automotive class that works on teachers cars. I have had my brake pads replaced, oil changed, and they diagnosed my check engine light and took care of that too. It is so convenient and inexpensive, plus I love that students are getting hands on experience that they can use later on in life.” This is just a prime example of the hassle it saves, and the convenience of the class to not only the students learning, but others as well.