Automotive Racing Field Trip


On August 30th Mr. Burden and all of the automotive students throughout multiple different classes took a field trip to Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, Indiana. The classes traveled and got to listen to a few successful people in the automotive world talk about their paths to the top, and the many different paths you can take out of high school to get a job in the automotive industry, or maybe even for a race team like they got to see at the drag strip. After the meeting, students got to walk around, had opportunities to talk to different race teams, racers, and many different vendors that were there, such as VP Racing Fuel, and NGK, which is a company that manufactures and sells spark plugs. These companies and people are very successful in the automotive world, and provided a lot of good information and advice.

Most students in the automotive class are looking for a career in the automotive industry after high school. Aside from the learning in the classroom, this field trip allowed students to talk to many different characters who have successfully made it in the automotive industry, and are making a very good living off of it. This trip to the NHRA Drags was a great opportunity for students to see what it’s like in the racing world, and maybe it could be something they will work hard to get into in the future. I’m also sure watching the races and getting to see all of the faster cars in the world was a great fun experience as well.