Mayor Cathy Gross and her Talks on Economics

Kaylan Howard, Staff

On October 31st Mr. Brown’s 4th period economics class made a treacherous journey over to the Monticello Fire Station. The class was determined to not let the snowy weather stop them from seeing the towns new fire station. Mr. Brown had been teaching his students about the different types of businesses in our economy. As a surprise Mr. Brown had asked Cathy Gross to come and speak to his students about economics. After two class periods of her presenting about economics and the important roles that she plays for our town she thought it would be a great idea to go on a field trip to the towns new fire station.
Fire Chief Logan Galen gave the class a tour of the station. He spoke to them about how the city got the funding to build the new fire station even though they were over budget. He also explained to the class how Partnership for Public Services helped pay for the station. A Partnership is an organization owned by two or more people that agree on specific terms, responsibilities and a profit. The new fire station was donated the funds to buy a whole kitchen for the staff. The Monticello Rotary Club, Clawsons, and the Kiwanis Club donated forward. Upstairs in the new fire station the firemen have a fun place to chill.
Fire Chief Galen explained the reasoning for a new fire station. Our towns first fire station was first built in 1869. As time has passed the old fire station had many renovations but the building was still just too small for the growing fire station staff. After every fire rescue or fire fighting duty a fire man must shower ASAP. The old fire station only had one shower, leaving one person to shower at a time and having other people sit and wait. The fire stations First responder vehicles were having to pull too far out of the fire station to see oncoming cars. Other drivers were not having enough time to react and this was very dangerous. We could go on and on about why our town was in need of a new fire station. We are very grateful for our new fire station.