FFA National Convention Highlights

FFA National Convention Highlights

Kelsey Cook and Sadie Gritten

Members of the FFA stopped for a picture at the National Convention. Earlier in the day they spent a few hours at the expo. “The expo was really fun and we all got to talk to a lot of colleges and learn about new opportunities.” -Kelsey Cook

After a long day of sessions and some time at the mall we stopped for a picture with a statue. While at the mall we all broke up into groups and went to the stores we wanted and then met up for pizza. “The mall was really fun, they had a lot of cute Dude Shoes and cowboy hats.” -Kelsey Cook.

The FFA attended a rodeo. When we were all walking out we started singing happy birthday to Courtney Burns and the rest of the people there joined in. “I’m really happy I got to go to the rodeo with some of my best friends” -Emily Alma

Waiting for Brett Young to make his appearance the group got a picture. When the band came out they were in elf costumes and Brett was dressed as Santa “Seeing Brett Young in concert was really fun and an experience I’ll never forget” -Reece Howard

Before heading to community service day, the FFA stopped for lunch at victory field. The group went to a preschool in downtown Indy to paint the classrooms. “I think community service day was really fun and I’m glad I could help” -Jorja Schroeder

A group of freshmen came up to National Convention for a day trip to see what it was like. Later that night the freshman went home and the rest of the group went to a Brett Young concert. “At the session there were kids in FFA that sang on stage and I thought that was really cool.” -Courtney Burns