Bikes Distract from Boredom for TL Students

Connor Brewer

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Partners in Crime
January 23, 2020

Riding bikes in the inner city was a good alternative to keep people off of drugs and the streets. It was an alternative that people including law enforcement in inner cities they accepted where it turned people away from drug use to riding bikes. Even in Monticello, it’s not seen as a very big problem.

I, Connor Brewer, started riding bikes because I saw it on YouTube and I had nothing else to do, I have asthma and a heart condition prohibiting me from participating in sports so bike riding just turned into a huge positive role in my life and it’s helped keep my younger brother, Corbin as well as my older brother Colton, or even my friends Kaleb and Andre away from boredom.

When I have the boys come over the bike lyfe diverts us away from distractions such as girls, ew. I’m glad to have a healthy alternative and a good hobby, the bike community helps you make friends and bond with them so I can definitely say I’m lucky to be a part of the community and that I have finally found something other than baseball that I have love for.