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Students in Criminal Investigations conduct a crime scene investigation.

Partners in Crime

January 23, 2020

The Twin Lakes High School Criminal Justice program is taught at Delphi Community High School by Mr. Jay Schimmel. It is Mr. Schimmel’s first year of teaching at Delphi Community High School and he is off to a great start. Before Mr.Schimmel became a teacher he was on the road for 24 years as a deputy for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. In the Criminal Justice program at Delphi there are two classes offered: Criminal Justice and Criminal Investigation.

Criminal Investigations student practices collecting fingerprints.

In the Criminal Justice class you learn what an everyday police officers does on a day to day basis. Schimmel brings his experience from serving for 24 years on the road to his classroom. Students have learned everything from field sobriety tests to defensive tactics in case of emergencies. In the program, the students get the opportunity to talk to police officers that are still working today. The students also get the chance to talk to lawyers and judges so they can ask questions about laws or how the justice system works after the arrest.  The class also watches videos of possible scenarios that could happen in the real world. The students evaluate the situation and determine what they would have done if they were in that position. We asked Schimmel why he wanted to become a teacher and he said, “With the experience I have it would be a waste for me not to share it.” A student named Edgar Estudillo was asked why he took the class and he responded, “I’m going into the military police program, and I would like to get more experience for my future career.”  

Connor Brewer
Ethan Blount conducts a field sobriety test on fellow student Devan Snowberger.

The Criminal Investigation class teaches you detective skills. On any given day you will find students learning how to manage a crime scene and start their investigation. They learn to collect everything from firearms, casings, photographic evidence, fingerprints and more.

The class is a good life class as well as a police class.  The students learn about life skills even if they do not go into the law enforcement.  Schimmel wants to teach kids that law enforcement is changing, and it is not what it looks like on TV.  The job of the police is not nearly as safe as it used to be, and Schimmel wants the students looking into public safety to be informed on the dangers and learn how to handle people in hostile situations. The class is a great way for students to be prepared for the real world.

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