Colton Thorpe, Staff

There’s 2 outs. It’s the top of the 7th the games tied with a runner on 3rd. A new pitcher warms up while I wait. I’m up to bat, and we need this run and to shut them down after. Here comes the pitch, and it’s a fastball chest high. Eyes light up, loads back and swings as hard as I can. TING! There the ball goes flying off the bat. I watch as the ball flies through the air, cutting through the wind as it keeps soaring. Even with my torn quad, I’m running the best I can rounding first. As I look back as the ball lands at the fence 370 feet limping as fast as I possibly can. The leading run scores giving us the lead and I’m standing on second. My team started the top of the 7th losing 8-3. We put together the best comeback I’ve ever been apart of. It was such a great moment. It was so much better when we stopped them in the bottom of the 7th and won the game. The team we were playing was talking a lot of smack during the game and we almost got into a brawl. When we beat them we watched as all there hopes went from high to none. One of the best baseball experiences in my life.

Baseball is a game of a thinking man. In order to play the game you have to understand the game. You have to be smart to be good, and you have to put in time and effort to be good. If you don’t respect the game the game won’t respect you. When the other team was talking smack they were not respecting the game so the game let us win. In order to respect the game you have to follow all the unwritten rules. The unwritten rules are no stepping on the lines, Show sportsmanship at all times, never purposely injuring a player, making sure the game is played the right way, always give 100 percent effort. The game deserves respect, if you respect the game it lets you play. If you don’t respect the game it will leave you behind like you never played it. The game is meant to have fun and to enjoy it. If you don’t respect it don’t play it.

Baseball will teach you life lessons. As you play more and more you realize that there are a lot of things that you can apply to life that you take from the game. For instance the respect part of the game. You take the respect that you have the game and apply that to everything you do in life. You take the mental game of baseball and you apply it to life. In order to play baseball you have to be mentally tough. For instance you make a mistake you have to fix it and forget about it and move on with it. You do the same thing with life. Fix your mistakes then move on from them, there is no time for you to dwell on the past just move on. If you keep dwelling on it then you will continue to make the same mistake.
Baseball is a game to love but you have to understand it first. You either love it or you hate it. The game can do many things.