Twin Lakes Students Pitch Pennies for Patients


Ryleigh Ness-Phillips and Owen Wells

Twin Lakes Business Management students were challenged with coming up with a service project for the first 9 weeks. A group of students chose to have a penny drive, better known as Pennies for Patients. Pennies for Patients is a way for students to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma patients.

Starting on September 12th all Red 1 classes began raising money for Pennies for Patients. The competition ended on September 25th. The group had the goal of raising $150. $150 was a reasonable goal for students donating spare change. The 3 classes that raised the most money won a donut party during their Red 1 class on Monday September 30th. Mr. Brown was confident his would win the competition and even made his class a pretty cool deal. He said if they are in the top 3 he would bring in chocolate milk to go along with their donuts. The donuts for the party were provided by Johns Bakery. On the 25th the group collected money from all the classes and counted the earnings. After a lot of counting and counting and counting the top 3 were found.

Coming in first place raising just over $46 was Mr. Voughts class. The runner up was disappointed to say the least Mr. Browns class raised $40.87. Ms. Saylors class came in a clutch 3rd place raising $38.25. In total all the classes raised $175.61. Congratulations to the winning teachers and students, thank you for your participation and enjoy those donuts. We would also like to thank every class that participated in our penny drive. “Every hero needs a squad.”