Letters For the Troops

Danny Bennett and Michael Newman

Twin Lakes Management class was given an opportunity to give back to our community by participating in service learning projects. We, Daniel Bennett and Michael Newman, both have military members in our family, and they always said how much they loved letters from random people just saying ‘thank you for your service” and other polite sayings. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to write letters to military members.

From there we ran into a big problem, Where do we take these letters or how much will it cost to send. We were sending emails to all the veteran associations in town. While we were waiting we started adding costs up in our head, and it was much more expensive than what we had thought. Luckily, Shelly Woodrow from Blue Star Mom got back to us and let us know that there will be a care package at 1st Baptist Church on South Beach Drive that will be delivered by September 25. The next step of the process was to get a lot of Twin Lakes students to write letters, so it was a bigger of a deal than just one class. Hence, we asked several teachers if they would have their classes, write letters, and we would pick the letters up. Fortunately, almost every teacher had at least one class write letters. Each class put a photo in the care package to add a personal perspective to the military people receiving the letters.