Student Council – What You Need To Know


Miles Ademi

Student council meets about homecoming festivities.

Miles Ademi, Staff

As school starts back up again, Student Council begins to get things into gear. For those of you who don’t know, Student Council is responsible for fun things within our school corporation, as well as important fundraisers to help our school grow.



For example, Student Council will be running and organizing this years pep rally before our annual homecoming game. We will be including multiple fun games for our student body to participate in during the rally. For our other plans, the members of Student Council are planning many fundraisers throughout the school year, including bake sales. This will help us raise money for the club, as well as for the school corporation. We also have talked about the upcoming winter formal, which will be scheduled towards the end of the first semester. Student Council is sponsored by Twin Lakes High School Counselor, Jess Horlacher.