Pick a Card, Any Card


(Josh Demein Grade:12, Alex Lane Grade:12, Hunter Watwood Grade:11, Levi Norris Grade:9)

Max Yoder and Alex Lane

One exciting new club this year at Twin Lakes is Card Club. Many people have flocked to the new club. The club usually brings in around 25 to 30 people each time they meet, which is every Thursday. The founder of the club, Hunter Watwood, says “Card club started out as just an idea between a couple of people. I put the idea into action and it blossomed into something amazing, that I didn’t anticipate. I’m ecstatic about the amount of people that we have, as well as the new friends that people there might make.” Card Club explores a wide assortment of games. Some games are well known, like Uno, but other games, such as Magic, The Gathering(MTG), Pokemon, and Yugio, are alien to the surrounding community. Card Club allows the students of Twin Lakes to get together and have a great time. The club provides a place to congregate in common game interest. The new club also hopes to eventually have after school gatherings where members can play card games longer and maybe learn new ones. 

(Mr. Krawczyk Club Leader, Brandon Howard Grade:10, Keith Barn Grade:11, Jon Garcia Grade:11, AJ Pickering Grade:11)

Many of the people who play MTG, Pokemon, or Yugioh are filled with joy, because the club brings other people who play these games. As Alex Lane states, “It was always hard to find other people to play Magic with because I did not know who else played the game.” Thanks to card club this problem has been mitigated. The club members don’t just play one game, but they also learn new ones and expand their horizon to the card gaming community. This club truly brings people together to have fun and to show other students they aren’t the only ones who play these games.