Twin Lakes to offer Free Champions 101 Virtual Training


This year Twin Lakes is partnering w/ Champions 101 founder Travis Daugherty and his on-line program to foster positive experiences & growth for our students, coaches & parents.  Champions 101 was developed as a tool to be used in athletics, but it actually can be effective & used in all relationships and formative settings.

Champions 101 is an online training program filled with engaging lessons and practical tools for navigating the challenges you face as a sports parent. It will help you find the joy, the value, and the purpose that your child’s experience in sports was meant to provide. Plus with 24/7 access to the system, you can learn and grow anytime, anywhere, and from the convenience of any device.

Your school’s partnership with Champions 101 gives you unlimited access to the training system, which includes these courses and more:

  • Winning Choices for Sports Parents
  • Champions Breed Champions: Modeling Winning Behavior
  • You Are Your Child’s Most Important Coach
  • Baby Steps: Embracing the Process that Greatness Requires
  • Take the Gloves Off: Developing Toughness in Your Young Athlete

Please see this link & take advantage of this opportunity by creating a free account.  You can navigate through the many facets of Champions 101 to find something that is relevant for you.  Many of our coaches will be using & sharing these things as part of their program in the coming year. 

If you have questions on signing up or Champions 101 in general please contact Athletic Director Kent Adams at the high school.