I Dream A World


On MLK, Jr.’s birthday, National Public Radio did a story on the Langston Hughes poem that played a role in inspiring the “I Have a Dream” speech. NPR encouraged listeners to write poems that began as Hughes’s poem does: “I Dream a World.”

Dr. Hawthorne had every one of her Monday and Tuesday classes do that activity, and she created a composite poem of their work. “I’ve been moved by the experience of spending time with and working with their words, and I wanted to share them with you,” said Hawthorne.

I Dream a World

A composite poem written by the Speech classes,
AP Language classes, and
AP Literature class of Twin Lakes High School


I dream a world . . .

A world where I can step outside
and be thankful for everyone,
not fearful.

A world where no kid will quiver
at the thought of going to school and getting sicker.

I dream a world
where sickness has cures,
where nobody feels
like a caged bird.

I dream a world where I can breathe,
not wearing a mask.
Just breathing free
for once
would be nice.

I dream a world
where I can see someone’s whole face.

I dream a world where
our world becomes healthier
with the help of
all its people.


I dream a world with no more face-offs,
a world where everyone can relax
and calm down.

Where everyone can learn to respect each other,
where everyone has love to give.

I dream a world where red and blue get along,
where politics aren’t violent.

Where it’s both sides vs. the problem,
not each other.

Where chaos does not reside.

Where we as a nation come together as one,
doing the things that need to be done.

I dream a world full of compassion,
of understanding for one another.

Bonding as brothers
over work we pursue,
talking ideas,
not judging you

I dream a world where pure love,
flows like a river,
filtering out the hate.


I dream a world
where I am not afraid
of what is next.

I dream a world where people
are free to be themselves.

I dream a world
where I can look at my brother
and tell him he will make it.

Where I see my sister
and think she will be okay.

I dream a world where one doesn’t have to
worry about being separated.

I dream a world where law is just,
where men and women will not hide in fear,
where children can have faith in their beloved nation.

I dream a world that sees injustice,
not a world one that turns its back,
not one that looks away,
a world that sees my race and gender,
a world that sees me as valid and equal.

I dream a world where the lines of black and white are blurred,
one where our eyes no longer pass judgment on what is falsely seen.

I dream a world where women are allowed
to dress how they wish,
act how they feel,
have the power to make decisions
about their own bodies.

I dream a world where the tapestry of my ancestors’ lives is
rich, vibrant, clean.
I dream a world where I can be me.

I dream a world where man’s greatest enemy
will no longer be man.

A world for all,
where lives can be lived
and dreams can begin


I dream a world where man
can dive deeper than the surface,
have access to the same materials,
advance all as one.

I dream a world where facts are inevitable,
logic is commonplace,
and knowledge is universal.

I dream a world that thinks for itself,
decides for itself,
and acts in the interest of all.

A world where we
can all agree


I dream a world where the tranquility of nature
is restored,
the forests and jungles tower,
the oceans and seas flourish.

Man and nature are one once more,
where our hands no longer strike
the earth from whence we came.

A world where the monarch butterfly’s
immigration is harm-free.


I dream a world where lives matter over money,

A world of deep compassion

I dream a world
where we’re free of fear.
May we sleep with hope.
May our vision clear.

I dream a world where love
is easy to come by

A world filled with the blessings
       of music and strings,
oozing the peace of such beautiful things.

I dream more kindness.

I dream more laughter.

A world without pain or need.
A world without a word for “greed.”

I dream . . .

I dream . . .

A world so strong, a world so bright.
Is what I dream about each night.