Culinary Classes

Mrs. Graham, the cooking class teacher, offers 3 different cooking classes. They are Intro to Culinary, Culinary l, and Culinary ll. In each class you learn more and more. They also start to get more advanced.  Leigha Harker is currently in Culinary ll.  They are working on how to properly make hash browns and steak. Leigha states, “I think it is very important to enroll in culinary classes because it helps you jumpstart learning how to cook and handle food properly.” These classes also help you know how to effectively clean to prevent cross-contamination. By enrolling into Twin Lakes culinary classes you will learn many useful skills from learning how to make some of your favorite foods to knowing how to properly serve food to someone.

This is a group getting together all of their ingredients for the recipe.. (Jenna Swaim)
This is another group measuring out all of the flour they need. Jenna Swaim