Akira Davidson Talks Robots

Evelyn Scharer

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Britney Martinez

Akira Davidson shows the robot she programmed in AP Computer Science.

As Akira Davidson sits on the floor and moves her robot around the hallway with her iPhone, she discusses her passion for robotics. She says “It’s really not that hard to code it,” as she talks about actually writing code for robots. 

It was in fifth grade when she built a robot on her own for the first time. It did not cost her anything because she used old computer parts. However, it didn’t work right away. She had to spend two more months fixing and rebuilding the robot before she finally got it to work. This is her favorite moment in her robotics career.

Akira is a freshman on the Robotics team, taking apart computers is what got her into robots. Her brother then introduced her to Lego robotics. 

When building robots things are not always going to work right away, and when something doesn’t go right for Akira, she says, “First, I check the programming for bugs. Then, I check the motor and make sure everything is hooked up correctly,” She programs her robots on her computer and she is able to control them on her phone.