Corona School Year

“Corona affected how much time I did my homework in and how much I learned. Especially during my junior year.”

This school year has sure been a different one. With all the precautions and being unsure about when the next wave will hit has many people wondering when the next time we will go digital may be. Of course permanent eLearning on zoom seems like a good alternative but there’s one major problem. With E-Learning and teachers not being immediately present for help has many students feeling like they don’t learn as much and are not motivated to do their work. Even though people under the age of 18 are not subject to many deaths by Covid, we must take precautions even if it means a different learning environment.

During the 2 week break this year I didn’t really learn much, it felt like I was rushing to get my work done.

Some students have also chosen to stay home and work digitally by choice, and some are sent home due to close contact. Covid tracing has caused many differences too. For example there is now stricter rules at lunch including assigned seating, the addition of D lunch, and spread out seating. The school has adjusted well to these new guidelines but obviously it is somewhat annoying. Reopening the school is most likely the best option because it gives students the chance to truly learn, get physical activity in their routine, participate in clubs and sports, and many other things