New AG Teacher Surprises TL students

Reece Howard

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New AG Teacher Surprises TL students

As many as you know, we have a new AG/FFA teacher at Twin Lakes. Mr. Ricky Burns is a fun, enthusiastic, outgoing, funny teacher. He was born in Carroll County, Indiana, then moved to Texas for a couple of years for college. He then moved back to his family farm in Indiana to continue raising sheep and teaching at Ivy Tech for a couple of years.

He accepted the job at Twin Lakes to be an AG teacher after Elizabeth Roysdon resigned. After going through three Ag teachers in the span of five years, Ricky has brought more than just his Ag knowledge to Twin Lakes, with his past teaching knowledge he is able to connect with the students’ needs and their own learning needs. He is a very adjustable teacher and is going to bring a lot to our FFA chapter. His teaching methods are very engaging so the students understand what he’s talking about.

He also has big changes coming to our FFA chapter in the coming year. The way he lets the officer team and FFA members have their own opinion shows that he truly cares about the FFA Chapter. So far all the students and faculty appreciate all the hard work and hours he’s putting in to change our Ag department and FFA chapter for the good. The officer team especially wants to thank him for accepting the teaching position and the passion he has for FFA and Ag.