WMRS Mentors TL Students through Tribe Radio

Noah Johnston

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WMRS Mentors TL Students through Tribe Radio

Twin Lakes High School’s Marketing and Interactive Media classes allows students to go to places in our community to do creative assignments. One of those is going to WMRS Radio to record what is going on at Twin Lakes.

Students record on Thursday’s and then it plays Friday morning on the announcements. Students typically talk about sporting events that are happening or going to happen, clubs at our school, accomplishments our school may have made, and anything in between.

Brandi Page is the wonderful woman that helps us record and edit this every week. We asked her what the greatest struggles/joys when working with our students and she said, “There are not many struggles. I’ve enjoyed watching everyone grow and improve as the year goes on. First time students are always nervous until they realize recording is super easy and that we can redo any mistakes for the final edit. It’s fun to watch students be creative and put their own spin recording the different stories.”

2019-2020 Marketing students Logan Creamer, Eduardo Puga, Kiara Johnston, and Noah Johnston record the Tribe Radio Show. (Brandi Page, WMRS Radio)

Students love going here to record too. We asked senior Kiara Johnston how her experiences with going there and she had this to say. “It’s fun because I love the people at the radio station and I like having the ability to reach out to the community.” The students here love going downtown to WMRS! Most of the time when they go, they meet Eleanor, the famous English bulldog that is always around WMRS! We all know Covid-19 slowed everyone down on recording for the radio show but when we asked Brandi what her hopes were for the future she had this to say. “Hopefully we can get back on track very soon! To get Tribe News back on the air this year…even if we have to record it over the phone.”

Make sure you listen to WMRS Radio whenever you’re free at 107.7! Special thank you to Brandi, Laura, and Kevin Page for all that you do for us!