Twin Lakes Cooking Classes

Jenna Swaim

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Jenna Swaim

This is a group measuring out their ingredients for their recipe.

Do you like food? Well the cooking classes at Twin Lakes taught by Mrs. Graham is a great way to learn about different types of food and cooking equipment. Twin Lakes offers Intro to Culinary, Culinary l, and Culinary ll. In each class you learn more and more. They also start to get more advanced. These classes have helped many people with what type of career path they would like to pursue. Zoey Downey, a senior, said that she would like to either take online cooking classes or take a culinary class in college. Joe Manahan who is also a senior said that taking Graham’s classes he knows he wants to become a food technician.

So far these classes have made banana, zucchini, and banana poppy seed bread. They thought it tasted excellent and that it was an easy and great way to start off the year. Zoey and Joe are both in an independent study culinary class. This is where they get to work on more advanced foods and equipment. During Mrs. Graham’s culinary classes you can learn about a lot of interesting cooking topics. Joe stated that he thought tempering chocolate was his favorite thing he had learned in class. He said that it was very hard to get correct and it dealt with science. Zoey said, “The most interesting thing that I have learned in class is that you do not have to stick to your cooking recipes fully.”


Since masks and social distancing have been put into place due to Covid-19 there have been some changes to class. During culinary you have to make sure that you are staying safe. Joe and Zoey both agree that through this pandemic they have learned how important it is to clean and sanitize everything in the kitchen. In Mrs. Grahams’ class you are still able to work in groups, but only when needed and cooking. Joe states, “During class you need to remember to stay in your area and there is not a lot of talking to each other.” These cooking classes will help you in your future not just if you want to pursue a career. It will help at home and cook for your family. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge.

This is a group measuring their flour for their recipe.