Volleyball During Corona

Kelsey Cook

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School From Home
February 10, 2021

The four seniors, Grace Fry, Kelsey Cook, Sadie Gritten, and Regan Franscoviak got publicity photos done for the volleyball calendar.

Photo by: Dan Fry

“It’s really scary not knowing what is going to happen with the volleyball season going on. You never know when it could be cut short.” said senior Grace Fry. Playing any sport during this pandemic can be very scary. Every school we play is only allowing 250 people in the gym, including the players, coaches, refs, and scorekeepers. That limits so many parents and friends of coming and supporting the teams. Regan Franscoviak, a senior, said “Corona is keeping our friends and family from coming and watching us. They have to get there so early in hopes to even get a ticket and get in. The virus keeps us from interacting with the other teams too, we can’t even shake their hands and tell them good luck or good game.”

The thought of your season coming to an end is always in the back of your mind because you never know when someone on the team or coaching staff could find out they have COVID-19. The players just want to be able to have their regular, fun season. Another senior, Sadie Gritten said, “We’re completely capable of having a winning season if we all have fun on the court while playing the game to our full potential just like we have shown we can do.” All the girls on the team are hoping for a full season with a lot of wins. This year we have 2 new coaches, Anissa Need, who is the head varsity coach and assistant junior varsity coach. Also, Tyler Gray, who previously coached eighth grade volleyball but is now the head junior varsity and C team coach and assistant varsity. We are all excited to see what they can bring for all three of the volleyball teams.