Roadies is a Long Standing TL Tradition

Noah Johnston

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Twin Lakes High School has a roadies club here. Ran by Mrs. Need, it has become very successful. Roadies has been around since the early 2000s and has grown every year. It was different back then. Back in the day, people just wore a shirt and that’s it. This year the roadies club has about 200 students. All of the students actually come to the sporting events and support Twin Lakes. Seeing all of the students at those sporting events, hypes up the parents and players for sure. We asked Mrs. Anissa Need about what it takes to be a Twin Lakes roadie, she said, “You have to have a lot of school spirit. You can’t be afraid to yell and go with the chants. You also have to have sportsmanship.” For this upcoming basketball season (boys and girls) we expect to have a lot of students in the roadie section. From freshmen to seniors, there should be a lot of you guys there. Not only do you get to support your team, you get to be with your friends too.