The Last of Friday Night Lights for Our 2019 Seniors

Eduardo Puga

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December 20, 2019

The Twin Lakes football team celebrated their senior night against Hamilton Heights and allowed for the seniors to reflect on their athletic careers throughout their lives. Growing up with sports is a reason why we gravitate towards certain people and become friends with them, because you are surrounded around people who love the same sport as you, and are able to create lifelong friends along the way.

These sports also allow you to get closer and have a greater bond with your family and loved ones as they’ve seen you grow up and witness the love for the sport grow that our athletes have. By giving these athletes a senior night and honoring their academic and athletic accomplishments it once again enforces the support the community and families have for them as they have worked hard throughout their athletic career, which is quickly approaching to an end as they finish their last year of high school.

This year there was a total of 15 seniors getting walked down with their parents being honored at their last home football game. The rush of knowing it’s your last home game of the season also pushes the athletes to come out with a win. Senior Daniel Bennett said this about their senior night, “I felt like senior night was one of our best games of the season, and one of my favorite of my career, so I am glad it came on senior night and our last true home football game.” As the football team’s season quickly comes to an end I would like to congratulate the hard work of friends and the football team.