Girls Soccer Ties with Peru

The final result of the game on Wednesday, September 18 was 2-2, a tie against the Peru team. For this game, the team had to practice a new technique that made the defense better at protecting the goal. After one hour of traveling and more training before the game our Twin Lakes Girls Soccer Team ended up “playing their best game all season as a team” in the words of the Coach Roger DeLosh. In this game you should have seen how much the team wanted to win. There was a lot of rough pushing and fighting over the ball in this game. The game was really intense. The first part was 0-2 to the other team, but our team was not ready to give up yet. In the other part of the game, we scored two goals. Karstin McCloskey and Zoe McNulty scored once each and we were close to scoring a third, but we couldn’t find the net.

Haley Beach and Natalie Rodriguez explained why it was a tie and not a win by saying that we are a second half team and in the beginning we weren’t pushing enough. The team was walking a lot instead of running and not getting to the ball fast enough. Kyrstin Roberts said, “We stepped up the game in the second half because we knew we could beat the team. We were able to find our teammates better while passing.“ Even though the game was a tie, the team was satisfied and looking forward to the next game.