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Student Produced News Site of Twin Lakes High School

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Student Produced News Site of Twin Lakes High School

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Sydney McCall

Sydney McCall, Staff

My name is Sydney McCall and I am a senior at Twin Lakes High school. In my free time I play tennis and go fishing. I’m not the best at fishing but I definitely enjoy doing it. I’ve played tennis since my sophomore year and I practice a lot to get better. I'm hoping to get better at my returns before tennis season is here. When I graduate I want to go to Ball State University and major in education and then become a Kindergarten teacher.

All content by Sydney McCall
Kiara Johnston is looking at scholarships. She said Im looking forward to my future. Shes deciding which ones she wants to apply for.

Looking Ahead

January 7, 2021
Boys and girls are getting ready to do fitness tests and play pickle ball. Kena said hopefully everyone participates and enjoys playing. The students helped set up nets and are eager to play.

Working Out is Fun

January 6, 2021
Twin Lakes Sophomore Emma Need is working on her elearning assignment for November 16th. She doesn’t like e-learning so she’s hoping we will go back to school soon.

Enough Already

November 20, 2020
Students work on their grid drawing pictures in drawing 1 and 2. I asked Madison Mayo how she felt about this projects and she said Its definitely one of the more challenging projects they have worked on because they have to focus on details. In this project they have to make a grid on the paper, trace out the people they are drawing, and then shade and color the people and background.

Drawing 1 and 2

October 1, 2020
This is sophomore Emma Need. She is doing her E-learning assignments and staying busy at home. She enjoys E-learning but she said she would rather be in school with her friends right now.

Missing Friends

September 4, 2020
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