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Past and Present Students Reflect on Covid-19

September 4, 2020

Schooling at Home

Tristan Clemans is an Ivy Tech second year student that is schooling from home. While studying Informatics, he is very content with staying by himself. He states “Studying from home is very beneficial to me because I work better alone. I am comfortable in my own clothes, own bed, and my own power to determine what I want to do and what I do not want to do.” When asked how many positive cases he was aware of, he stated that he knew of “four cases.” Luckily, he was not in close contact with these individuals. Although, he is struggling with his allergies causing him to have trouble breathing, he is very happy with working from home.

It’s All a Joke!

Madicyn Tribbet is staying at home tending to her pigs. During the pandemic experience, Tribbet states “I think our health department and the CDC is making the pandemic worse than it is. They are using this to their advantage due to the government giving them a pay for each covid death.” She also states she knows three positive cases within family and friends. Madicyn wishes to return to school and hope for the best. While she is enjoying spending time with her beloved pets, she is excited to come back to our school and see her friends.

Please Feel Free to Go Back to Normal…

Dayton Minthorn, a freshman Purdue student, struggles with finding the college experience during the pandemic. Minthorn states “I have been spending my time doing a lot of online college work, as well as working out at the Purdue Co Rec. I am trying to spend time with friends while following Purdue’s guidelines so I do not get kicked off of campus.” When asked how many positive cases he knew of, he stated “I know of three people who have tested positive.” Minthorn wants his life to go back to normal so that he can enjoy college like it was meant to be.


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    Sam TrueSep 8, 2020 at 8:30 am

    I agree with the first student when he said that he works better by himself. That is one thing that has been beneficial during the pandemic. People are able to get work done at their own pace, and I believe that is a very positive aspect of this pandemic.