TL Interact Introduces Students to Rotary Club

Kelsey Cook and Sadie Gritten

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Twin Lakes Interact is a part of Rotary. This program’s goal is to get students involved more in the community, and to hopefully prepare and influence these students to join Rotary in the future. Some things we have/will be doing in Twin Lakes Interact recently are helping out at the animal shelter, Happy Tails, in Burnettsville and at the nursing home for an event called “Adopt a Grandparent”. This event is special because we are spending an hour with elders doing anything they want. Many board games will be played and many stories will be exchanged. Making people smile and laugh is a very important part of Twin Lakes Interact.
One of the main activities the students do in his club is called a luncheon. Dan Fry, the administrator for the club, takes two students every month to a real rotary meeting at the Brandy Wine Inn. During this time the two students attending will introduce themselves, give their parents name, talk about where they want to go to college and what they want to do after they finish schooling. After that, we eat a nice lunch with as much lemonade as we want. When Sadie went, during their lunch the people at her table all talked with Cathy Gross and congratulated her on her win for mayor. When lunch is over the president of the club goes over updates and gives information about anything they need to know or get done in the club. Finally, a couple members in the club will pass out raffle tickets and the club will do a raffle. Usual gifts that people win are a small amount of money and different books. Twin Lakes Interact is a very fun and easy way to become involved in our community. The students involved in the club all get along and make this club enjoyable. We recommend becoming a part of TL Interact if you are not already.