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September 9, 2020

Smiling Through

Smiling Through

September 8, 2020

Making the Best of the Covid-19 Situation

Noah Johnston, Staff

September 8, 2020

Field Day Alex Paluchniak is pictured in front of a field during his quarantine in Missouri. “Over this ten day quarantine me and some of my good friends decided to go down to Missouri and all hang out and spend some goo...

Quarantine Insight

Tamra Bonnell, Staff

September 8, 2020

Butterfly Effect During this quarantine Allie has been doing all her homework and staying home. One day after her dad got off of work she went outside to help him plant some plants and a butterfly landed on her finger. Learnin...

Past and Present Students Reflect on Covid-19

Megan Achor, Staff

September 4, 2020

Schooling at Home Tristan Clemans is an Ivy Tech second year student that is schooling from home. While studying Informatics, he is very content with staying by himself. He states “Studying from home is very beneficial to me because I ...

This is sophomore Emma Need. She is doing her E-learning assignments and staying busy at home. She enjoys E-learning but she said she would rather be in school with her friends right now.

Missing Friends

September 4, 2020

Freshman Gavin Businger finishes his work for his World History class. Students will have to adapt to the nature of this learning and make the most of it. Students and teachers are working together to make sure the time spent away is productive and efficient.

Home School

September 3, 2020

“Back Home Again”
Junior Ethan Bowsman works on his E-Learning for the first time in the new school year. After news broke of a 10 day absence from school, students will continue their education online. This is not brand new to students as this is their second quarantine of 2020.

Back Home Again

September 1, 2020

Eric Fisher, freshman, lifting weights in gym class. His classmates are in the background supporting him while trying to lift weights. Eric works hard to get stronger everyday.

Getting Stronger!

August 28, 2020

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