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Tomie Ibarra
Senior who loves vibing with the boys. This Hipster Hispanic Icon loves his vinyl almost as much as he loves tacos. Speaking of tacos, Tomie has spent the last four years working at the Taco Shoppe, where he cooks up tacos for the citizens of Monticello. Tomie’s greatest accomplishment was losing forty pounds in a year, successfully going from thick to slick. What most people don’t know about Tomie is that, despite being a founder of the critically acclaimed show Bean of the Week, he hates baked beans. Tomie is also a Twin Lakes Theatre alumni, with six productions under his belt, and two more planned. After high school, Tomie plans on attending an Ivy League College to major in economics. Despite all of this, once in a blue moon, Tomie still has time to hang with the boys.

Tomie Ibarra, Staff

Nov 04, 2019
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Tomie Ibarra