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  • Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament is Postponed. New date is TBA
  • No school March 16 - 31 . E-Learning Days are March 16-19 & March 31
  • CANCELLED Class of 2024: 8th grade student/parent meeting and locker races: MARCH 18 @ 6pm,
Lovisa Klingberg
Lovisa is a senior at Twin Lakes. She is an exchange student from Sweden. She plans on staying here for a year and wants to study design in Sweden. She also might want to study in another country other than Sweden. She plays soccer, swimming, and plans on playing tennis. She has played soccer for 7 years and also danced for 2 years. She loves to eat Thai food and loves to go shopping. She likes to watch Vampire Diaries and Friends. 


Lovisa Klingberg, Staff

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Lovisa Klingberg