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Counseling Corner

Here at Twin Lakes High School, counseling services are offered to all students. Students are encouraged to seek the assistance of school counselors for academic, career planning, personal, and social concerns.

One of the most important decisions that a person makes during his/her lifetime is selecting and formulating educational and career goals. The decision affects family, friends, hobbies, general satisfaction, emotional well-being, and total lifestyle; therefore educational planning is a vital part of a students life experience.

As students start to formulate plans for after high school, we in the counseling office are here to help! Counselors also help students with goal identification, course selection, and any other concerns that a student may have.

Parents are encouraged to become acquainted with the school counselors. It is important that we work together to ensure the future success of our students here at Twin Lakes.

Please feel free to contact the our department at any time!


Twin Lakes Counseling and Student Services Office



Mrs. McAtee

A-Ga     Mrs. McAtee     [email protected]     574-583-7108 ext. 2327





Ge-O     Mrs. Willbanks    [email protected]     574-583-7108 ext. 2329





P-Z     Miss Horlacher     [email protected]     574-5836-7108 ext. 2328


Counseling Secretary:

Mandy Street

Phone 574-583-7108

Fax 574-583-3175


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Counseling Corner