Tribe Radio is Back On The Air


Brandi Page

Rowdy Unger, Ian Wharf, Kaleb Roth, and Connor Brewer recorded Tribe Radio this week at WMRS Radio.


Marketing students Connor Brewer, Kaleb Roth, Rowdy Unger, and Ian Wharf headed to WMRS 107.7 Thursday afternoon to record Tribe News. All week they were busy preparing sports scores, information on upcoming games and events, getting quotes from athletes, and writing a feature story about Mrs. Yoder and Max Yoder presenting at the IN-Mac Summit. They did a great job and even ended with the TL Fight Song.¬† Each week during the school year Marketing students take turns reporting on events at Twin Lakes High School. Marketing teacher, Ms. Rogers said, “It’s a great learning experience for our students and they do an awesome job. We are really lucky that WMRS is just down the street, and that they are just as enthusiastic about working with us as we are working with them.” Tribe Radio can be heard every Friday morning at 8:30 am on WMRS Sunny 107.7. Link to recorded broadcast.