Meet Mrs.Kitchell


Job Title

-English Chair Twin Lakes High School

Where did you graduate from?

-Columbia City High School, Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne, Indiana University Kokomo

Do you sponsor any clubs or coaches? 

-No. I used to coach track at Pioneer, but with my own kids’ stuff and working here, I don’t have the time anymore.

Anything you want to mention from high school?

-I was in Show Choir and Concert Choir. I was a member of the Homecoming Court my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years, and I was voted Prom Queen and our yearbook’s “Class Clown” my Senior year. I graduated in the top 10% of my class. I played basketball, ran Cross Country and track, and was a cheerleader. I was a State Athlete in Track and Field and our team still holds the record for the Girls 400 Meter Relay.

Family (spouse, kids, pets) 

-Matt Kitchell (husband of 20 years) Ian Kitchell (14 years) Ellison Kitchell (12 years)

Why you became a teacher

-I like to work with kids. I also struggled throughout high school. Even though I was a good student, athlete, and well-liked, it was still an extremely difficult time. Additionally, my brother struggled in an entirely different way: he was picked on because he was learning disabled and not athletic. My mom was a Social Worker, so I grew up seeing first-hand how other kids struggled. I felt like I might be able to help all kinds of different kids through their struggles, and I wanted to let them know that high school is only a tiny part of their lives (even if, at the time, it may feel like it is so much more than that.)

What you like most about teaching

-The students!! I also really like the planning. I love to look at something that I have to teach and try to make it into something relevant to the students that might transcend just their experiences in high school.

How long have you been teaching and how long at Twin Lakes?

-This is my fifth year and they have all been with Twin Lakes.

What does your perfect weekend look like?

-One without laundry.

List of hobbies if any.

-I like to garden and read. I also am a documentary fanatic!

Favorite Teams

-Twin Lakes and Pioneer (sorry! but I do love to watch my kids compete.)

Favorite Treats

-charcuterie, olives, any cheeses, and Coke

Favorite type of music – favorite songs or musicians

-I like most anything but Rap, Country, and Pop.

Any Fun Facts about you?

-Nah…I’m a pretty boring gal.