Meet Ms. Taylor


Ms. Taylor, Business Teacher

Angel Aguilar, Staff

Where did you graduate from? High School and College

-Benton Central High School, Ball State University

Do you sponsor any clubs or coach? 

-I am the yearbook sponsor and co-sponsor of the National Honor Society

Anything you want to mention from high school?

-I was editor of the yearbook in high school!

Why you became a teacher?

-My dad told me that I couldn’t be an unemployed photographer or writer. Told me to teach until my career took off?

How long have you been teaching and how long at Twin Lakes?

-This is my 4th year at Twin Lakes. I started with this class of seniors.

What does your perfect weekend look like?

-Reality TV and going out to eat. I like to shop, too.

List of hobbies if any?

-My mom. That is a joke!

Favorite Teams?

-TL Indians

Favorite Treats?

-chocolate and a diet coke

Any Fun Facts about you?

-I used to move every three years, and I love to travel.